The Dark Melody of the Melodar


Short story by GPT4
Translation from German: DeepL
Illustrations: Stable Diffusion


It was the year 2250, and humanity had spread far beyond the solar system. In this time of space travel and discovery lived a talented theremin player named Roger Lansing. Roger’s abilities were so extraordinary that his reputation had even attracted intergalactic attention.

One night, while Roger was practicing in his small house on the outskirts of Mars Colony, he noticed strange lights in the sky. They seemed to flash in a pattern that strangely followed the beat of his theremin music. When Roger looked closer, he realized that the lights were actually a fleet of UFOs moving toward him.

Before Roger had time to warn his neighbors, he found himself inside one of the UFOs, surrounded by strange but fascinating alien beings. They called themselves the Melodar, and their entire lives revolved around music. They had heard Roger’s theremin playing and were so inspired that they invited him to their home planet to perform as an ambassador for humanity.

Arriving on the Melodar planet, Roger was initially fascinated by the seemingly harmonious and melodic culture he discovered. Every aspect of Melodar life was steeped in music, from communication to power generation.

The Melodar believed that the universal key to understanding the universe lay in music. The Melodar showed Roger their advanced technologies based on musical principles. They had even developed a method of powering their spaceships using vibrations and frequencies generated by musical instruments.

Theremin Player

But he soon realized that all was not as peaceful as it seemed. The Melodar were also using their musical abilities to manipulate and control other species, and they planned to use Roger’s theremin as a weapon to enslave the human race. The more Roger learned about the Melodar and their sinister intentions, the more determined he became to ruin their plans. He secretly masterminded a plan to warn the humans of the pending danger and prevent the Melodar from extending their musical control.

In a dramatic confrontation, Roger used his outstanding theremin skills to fight the Melodar with their own weapon. He played an otherworldly melody that put the Melodar into a trance-like state and weakened their control over the other subjugated species. With the last of his strength, Roger managed to send a message to the Martian colony, warning them of the Melodar threat. The inhabitants of the colony banded together and used their own musical abilities to defeat the Melodar once and for all.

In the following of these events, Roger’s theremin became a symbol of resistance and hope for humanity. The memory of his heroic act lived on in the hearts of the people, and they vowed never again to underestimate the power of music or use it for sinister purposes.

Monument of Roger Lansing

The monument to Roger Lansing on Mars


Here you can listen to the sinister melody of the Melodar (music by DeepMichael):

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